Artist Biography

Caroline Waterman grew up in Dublin Ireland. She moved to the United States in 1986 and lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and three children. She took film photography classes in Dublin in the 1980’s and again in Boston; she completed her BFA in Photography from UNCC in May 2016. During her time at UNCC Caroline has explored various historic processes and concentrates on large format analog photography. Caroline specializes in Silver Gelatin Lith and Platinum Palladium printing. Her work deals with the themes of memory and loss and she has drawn on her connections to family, heritage and place as inspiration. She has conducted workshops on Lith printing at UNCC, at Appalachian State University and at the Light Factory. Her Silver Gelatin Lith prints are currently being exhibited at the University Hilton Hotel in Concord, NC and Caroline has also exhibited her work at UNCC and The Photo Place Gallery in Vermont. Her first solo show will open in September 2017 at Through This Lens Gallery in Durham NC.