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Pieces and Transitions

The Work entitled Pieces and Transitions is an attempt to document a sense of presence and absence, using my children and my surroundings in a series of photographs printed as Silver Gelatin Lith Prints. A memory is almost like a dream, at first strong and vivid, but over time it begins to fade and slip through our fingers. People, places and things, once present in our lives, eventually are cast to our memory and will go in and out of focus with the passing of time. As I watch my children grow and change I am aware that they too are passing through my life, and their childhood will, as with my own childhood, become a memory. There is a sense that they are present but somehow not fully there, as though they have already begun to move away from me. All life is just passing through the world, but a presence is left behind. It maybe as just a memory—there but not there— just slightly out of reach.

The images depict my children as a presence, but this presence is at times unfocused and unclear. The use of the lith developer gives an old and grainy appearance, with soft white —underdeveloped highlights. It is a slow process, developing the image gradually, like an old memory coming back into focus. The use of this process enhances the idea behind the work because of it’s gentle meditative nature, and its appearance gives an almost dream like quality to the images.

Artist Statement