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When I first decided to leave my country a girl from Germany gave me a piece of advice, she told me to be sure of what I was doing. She warned me that some day I could find that I no longer belonged anywhere. At the time I could not know how right she was. My connection to the place I grew up was so strong that when the homesickness took complete hold of me I felt lost. My roots were severed. The connection to a place, the memories of times spent there, and the feeling of peace and belonging are very much a part of who I am. The resentment I felt about loosing that inspired me to seek a new connection to the place I now called home. In this series of photographs I combine images from my childhood home and from my home now. I have photographed them in the same way, reaching past the noise and connecting to the peace and nostalgia that is at the heart of my love for them. The images are taken with a Holga , a small intimate camera . The prints are Palladium with Gum Bichromate , this hands on process allows me to convey the feeling of a timeless memory.

Artist Statement